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Band-saw Repair.

One of my indispensible tools stopped working!

I had to fix it ASAP.

Bird Feeder.

Fly in and fly out pets, the best kind.

And I am sure they like their freedom too!

Blanket Box Restoration.

My wife rescued a blanket box from the weather.

It's up to me to restore it to its former glory.

Carry-All Rail.

Need to fit some more branches on your carry-all without them falling off?

My wife came up with the idea of a removable rail.

Chop Saw Table.

Need to cut some steel and sick of doing it one the ground?

You need this chop saw table.

Corner Jig.

Need a square corner?

This jig makes it easy.

Cut Old Propane Tanks - Safely.

Have an old propane tank laying around?

See how I safely cut them to repurpose those old tanks.

Easy Lift.

Need to move heavy sheets by yourself?

The easy lift makes it possible.

Forge Bending Pipe.

Need to make a perfect bend in pipe?

Check out this neat way to do it without a pipe bender.

Front End Loader.

Need to do some serious landscaping?

You need a front end loader for your compact tractor.

Gravel Scraper.

Need to maintain a gravel driveway?

You need this gravel scraper.

Gravel Grader Finger Upgrade.

I thought I had a brilliant idea for upgrading the gravel scraper.

Didn't work out the way I intended.

Hacksaw Trolley.

Need more space in your workroom?

Put some of your equipment on wheels so you can park it when not in use.

Hand Basin.

I needed somewhere to wash my hands at the shed.

The answer was to inatall a handbasin and connect it up to a pump and the rainwater tank.

I Lost my Table

Have something you are not sure what to do with?

I'm sure your wife will think of something.

Lathe Repair.

Mid 60's vintage Hamatu lathe with a stuck slide.

Share the repair.

Mezzanine Shelf.

Need more storage space in your shed?

Consider a mezanine shelf.

Old Forge Rebuild.

Need to shape some metal ?

Why not consider a forge .

Pot Wall.

Need somewhere to put pot plants with a minimum footprint?

Need a privacy screen around your house?

This pot plant wall might be for you.

Radius Guide.

Need to cut a radius with a plasma cutter?

This poor mans radius guide might help.

Redneck Repair.

Ever need to repair something and the shops aren't open?

I did, see how I went about it.

Reef Anchor

Need a reef anchor for your boat?

Build it yourself.

Roller Stand

Want a light/medium duty work stand?

Check this out.

Shed #2.

I needed more space to work in my main shed so my wife's answer was to build another shed.

What a wonderful wife.

Small Table.

Need a small table with a minimal footprint to keep something out of the way?

You might like this idea.

Tig Welding Thin Metal.

Would my cheap CigWeld Tig machine be up to the job? Would I?

Tractor Hydraulic Filter Clean.

When I finished the front end loader I decided to clean the hydraulic oil filter, just as well.

Tractor Hydraulic Line.

I needed to reroute the hydraulic line on my tractor to get it out of the way of the front end loader attachment.

Tractor Steering Arm.

I needed to alter the steering arm on my tractor to get it out of the way of the front end loader attachment.

Trailer Rack.

Need to carry some things that are longer than your trailer?

You could need a trailer rack.

Welding Cart.

Need to move your welder and associated equipment around the workroom easily.

You need this welding cart.

Wheel Puller.

Need a tool you don't have?

Check out how I made a wheel puller from scraps.

Wood Splitter.

Tired of splitting your firewood by hand?

Check out this hydraulic log splitter I designed and built.