Back MOVO WMIC70 48-Channel UHF Lavalier Microphone
KM-208 I initially thought I didn't really need a good remote microphone. I was recording a commentary on a very cheap unit and then re-recording it on my computer when I edited the video. I was only using the recording I made during the video as a guide to record the "real" audio track. There were a lot of things wrong with this approach and it didn't take me long to realise it. I started shopping around for a suitable remote microphone that would allow me to record usable audio while I was recording the video. After a lot of research and comparing specifications and checking out the online reviews I settled on the MOVO WMIC70.

All the research took time followed by a seemingly interminable wait for the post to arrive, finally my new MOVO WMIC70 was in my hands. Now that I have had a chance to play with it I am very happy with my choice. The sound quality is fine (to my untrained ear at least). There is no interference that I could detect on the channel I used and if there is I can choose any of 48 others. I only tested the range out to 40 metres (it is advertised as 100 metre range) which is as much as I will ever need.

I actually found that the audio quality from the MOVO/Camera combination was generally better than the audio I was recording directly on my computer. Quite likely this has something to do with the cheaper shotgun microphone I have for the computer.

I can happily recommend this unit to anyone who needs a wireless microphone on a budget.
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