Back TOSENSE ICut60 60Amp Plasma cutter
ICut 60 Since I was in the market for a Plasma Cutter that could cut up to the 15mm - 19 mm range (5/8" - 3/4") I thought I might roll the dice, save some money and try one of the cheaper Chinese cutters. The ICut 60 from Tosense seemed to fit the bill.

My basic theory was that they are all good and the trick is finding one that does work. I figured if the company was still in business then the chances of getting a working machine were something over 70%.

Lets face it, every time you buy electronics from overseas you roll the dice and take your chances. If something does go wrong there isn't a lot of chance that it can be repaired under warrantee. Even with a local seller warrantees can be difficult to enforce. Unless you are going to save enough to offset the risk and you can afford the loss if it doesn't work out I think you might be better served to save your money until you can afford a higher quality machine.

In Australia basically everything is imported and goods imported from the U.S.A. are expensive. I decided to roll the dice on e cheap machine. I bought through EBay and paid via Paypal to cut the risk as much as possible. Its about gauging the risk, and understanding the consequences and bring prepared to accept them.

My experience was not good. The quality control on the machine was quite poor. I understand this is a cheap machine but some of the design decisions (an 80cm [2.5ft] power lead being one) are hard to understand. The threads in the air moisture trap were also less than good. Cheap switch on the torch combined with poor quality control was the first source of real problems.

Take a look at the videos below to see the complete saga.

Bottom line is that if all you can afford is a Chinese Plasma cutter then I suggest you put your money into an oxy/acetylene torch. It'll last forever (I have one my father used, 60+ years old and still going). It will work every time if you have gas in the bottles. Best of all, if you later buy a Chinese Plasma cutter, you will have something to cut it up with when it breaks.
Recommended alternatives: Pretty much anything. If you want something top-of-the-line that will work out of the box then try the links below.
An added bonus is that these Hypertherm machines can cut thicker material at 45Amps than the ICut60 at 60Amps.
    Hypertherm Powermax45 With 20 Foot Lead on Amazon
    HYPERTHERM POWERMAX 45XP Plasma Cutter on EBay AU     HYPERTHERM POWERMAX 45XP Plasma Cutter on EBay CA
    HYPERTHERM POWERMAX 45XP Plasma Cutter on EBay US     HYPERTHERM POWERMAX 45XP Plasma Cutter on EBay UK
Day 1 - Unboxing and Assembly Day 2 - Assembly and Disappointment
First day unboxing and assembly. Should be simple, right? Wrong! Come share the adventure. Assembly is not going as smoothly as I had hoped. Nothing to really complain about mind you, not until the end anyway.
Day 3 - Repair and Success Day 4 - Use and Failure
After discussion with the seller we agreed I should troubleshoot and try to repair Now that it is running I tried to do some work. The machine let me down again.