Back EB-270DS Bandsaw

I've been wanting a bandsaw for a good while now but I haven't been able to justify spending thousands of dollars to buy one for my hobby when I had other tools that I could use to get a job done, albeit less efficiently.

I often have a look on the local auction sites and occasionally put in a bid on something that seems to be going particuarly cheaply. Until now the only things I have won were items with a reserve price of about double what I was wanting to pay.

This time was different. I don't know what happened but I put in a bit of and it went straight to the top at $150. I couldn't believe it. As it turned out a last minute bidder pushed the price up considerably but it was still less that I was prepared to pay so I became the proud owner of a second hand bandsaw.

Luckely they had a forklift to load it onto my trailer when I went to pick it up. Getting it off at my end was more of a challange but I managed it quite easily with the help of an endless chain and one of my sons.

Of course being second hand it would be optimistic to the point of foolishness to expect it to come with manuals. However I was quite surprised to find that it was very difficult to locate manuals online. I eventually did manage to find some and I have provided links to them and some other relivent resources below the video link.

Check the video of the delivery and set up.

Video review
Manuals and other useful guides:
    Operators Manual     Trouble shooting
    Blade selection     Accessories
    Blade tooth selection     Blade measurement instructions