Back MD-40 (J1Z-40) Magnetic Drill Press
J1Z-40 I decided that a mag drill would be handy for drilling some items that won't fit in the large drill press. I don't think I have enough use for it to justify buying one of the expensive (any undoubtedly excellent) European offerings so I opted for a cheaper Chinese import. I did a video on the unboxing and two more on testing its capabilities.

I was disappointed to learn that it couldn't manage the large 38mm cutter as advertised however is can cut up to 27mm quite well. I guess that is why they only package it with cutters up to 27mm. A little dishonest of them to advertise it as doing up to 38mm.

I'd have to say that I wouldn't recommend buying one to drill anything much over 27mm, up to that it seems to be fine. If you need to drill larger holes (I tried 38mm) then don't waste your money on one of these.

If you are considering buying one of these please watch the full 3 part series so you can see the limitations and "real" capabilities of this drill. I summarise at the end of the 3rd video.

Click here to view the complete play list on Youtube.
Video review part 1 - The Unboxing  
Video review part 2 - Testing, Phase 1 Video review part 3 - Testing, Phase 2
Buy at one of the links below:
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