Back Mitsubishi D1550 Compact Tractor
My wife wanted the yard beautified and I didn't want to do all that digging by hand. The obvious solution was to buy a compact tractor and then design and build the attachments I will need to do all that work the easy way.

Once I had the tractor I started looking for some manuals to go with it. Search as I may I could not find any manuals for a Mitsubishi D1550 tractor. All sorts of other Mitsubishi tractor models but none for the one I have. Eventually I discovered that the Satoh Buck S470 is actually a re-badged Mitsubishi D1550 tractor and that the manual for it was almost identical. Armed with that knowledge I was able to track down a users manual in no time. Unfortunately the service manual proved harder to come by online. In years gone by you could get a service manual for just about anything you wanted to fix. It seems that companies these days copyright their service manuals and restrict availability, presumably in order to force people to use their dealer/repair network which they see as more profitable. I won't argue about the profit part but for a tractor that hasn't been produced in over 30 years I think it would be nice if they placed all manuals in the public domain. Now that I've had my rant about corporate greed I can say that I did find service manuals I could purchase, see the links below.

The video below documents it's arrival and gives a quick walk around.
Download a free owners manual by clicking here.
Unfortunately service manuals have to be purchased. Here are some links (I found EBay to have the best prices once you add shipping):
    Satoh Buck S470 Service Manual on EBay AU     Satoh Buck S470 Service Manual on EBay CA
    Satoh Buck S470 Service Manual on EBay US     Satoh Buck S470 Service Manual on EBay UK
Arrival and first play time: